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Mindsways LTD

Who Are We?

We provide you access to cutting-edge ideas that have previously been buried deep inside technical journals, dry journals and academic research. We bring these ideas to life using mentalism, magic, psychology, storytelling and deep understanding and appreciation of the human psyche. Combining art with science, we give you the tools and techniques you need to go into the real world and make a difference.

Mindsways LTD (Company number 009960761) is a family business, made up of George and Alex Rowley. George’s 30 years of experience of developing workshops, delivering training and intense work with organisations and brands is complimented by Alex’s ambitions, technical knowledge and storytelling abilities.

We both believe that learning and development can be fun and effective, and the aim of the company is to help people to feel better, do better and be better by applying skills from a wide variety of areas.

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The Thinking Well Company

What Do We Do?

Our aim for Mindsways is to highlight for you all aspects of the science behind these new ideas, making them understandable and illustrated through Mentalism, and translating them in to the everyday applied principles we call ‘Thinking Well’.

Thinking Well is part of having optimal health, including aspects of being physically, mentally and emotionally fit. Thinking well also includes social wellbeing, having high energy levels, peak vitality, personal performance and high productivity. This may be based on biology, but biology does not have to be our destiny. Our aim is to stimulate discovery of new concepts and approaches, not one of defending outdated but accepted ones.

Your neural network can only work with concepts you have. So, why not add some new ones? That is what we do with mentalism. You can make deliberate choices to change your concepts. Your concepts are not predetermined by evolution, your genes or your biology. They are due to your social circumstances and your situation. We have a responsibility to change these for the better, for ourselves and others.

You can take steps to influence your future. By Thinking Well, you can change your:

You can take steps to sculpt who you will be tomorrow using the new ideas from scientific research right now. These ideas not only allow you access to new concepts, but they can change yours and others life paths.

Psychological Artistry

The Mindsways Approach

The approach we take is what we call Psychological Artistry. This involves using our unique blend of psychology, neuroscience, storytelling, behavioural insights, neuromarketing, mentalism, personal achievement, and smart thinking ideas to communicate . We appreciate that by its very nature, it is not a traditional approach. However, being different is where our power lies.

Our services aim to help you understand how people think, act and behave and lead to an increased interest in who you are and what you do. This helps you in:

For everyone in the 21st Century, originality and difference counts. People are more likely to engage with, pay attention to and come back for what they haven’t seen and cannot see elsewhere. By tapping into people’s imagination, curiosity and desire for mystery we can engage people in all different areas.

More Psychological Artistry

Solving 21st Century Problems

What Do We Do?

The thinking sciences have been turned on their head.

Since the middle of the 20th Century, classical approaches to thinking and psychology have focused on the symptoms and brushed away the causes. We stopped paying attention to what created our problems and started paying attention only to the outcomes: obesity, mental health issues, depression, neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Our 20th Century thinking focused solely on trying to eradicate these issues, and we lost sight of the root causes.

And we all know what’s happened since then, don’t we?

The NHS is spending £5.5 million every week on anti-depressants. Hate crime has risen by 29% in the UK last year alone. 68% of men in the UK are overweight or obese, with 58% of women trailing just behind. 1 in 4 adults in the UK will experience a mental health issue this year; that’s 16 million people across the country.

The classical approach just doesn't work anymore.

At Mindsways, we're going to break this cycle. We train you in how the mind works by using mentalism, neuroscience, psychology, storytelling and a profound, evidence-based understanding of the mind. This is a fun, fresh and powerful way of learning.

We aim to give you to tools and techniques you need to go out in to the real world and impress people, get your message heard and make an impact on the world. We work with you through open workshops, coaching and group sessions, kits and live shows to help bring these fresh, fun and engaging ideas to life.

Psychological Artistry Live! Project Mindfoolness Live! Psychological Artistry Kit

What Does Mindsways Look Like?

Mentalism - Challenging Boundaries

Why Learn Mentalism?

You may have never thought about learning magic and mentalism before, but that’s where its strength lies. The novelty, the newness and the nature of mentalism is in its completely new experiences. It is no overstatement to say that if you change your experiences today, you can change who you are tomorrow. This way, you can learn that your experiences are built, not built-in.

Challenge yourself with these ideas: don’t just blindly defend your old concepts, explore and discover new concepts. By developing a rich set of concepts, you have a toolbox to become the architect of your life. The greater your range of experiences, the greater your ability to think well and put your knowledge to good use.

By learning Mentalism, you get the tools, tricks and techniques that you need to stand out amongst the competition, open your mind up to new ideas and create lasting connections with your audience across your personal and professional life. By learning Mindfoolness, you get an understanding how your mind works, how you can be fooled and how you can use this to live up to your potential.

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Our Origin Story

"I have been asked several times over the last few months about how I got into this. Well, it's a story that started about 30 years ago.

I was running a community project where I had to engage individuals that were given many labels, such as vulnerable, harder to place, excluded excluded and many more variations similar to these. Many of these, I am sure, would have been used to describe me in my youth.

I must admit that I struggled; when I used what I had been trained in, it didn't work. When I used what I read from books, it didn't work. When I used what others advised, it didn't work. In fact, I was stuck in the “it didn't work” cycle for about two years. I was dissatisfied and frustrated, I really felt stuck. Then, I hit upon the idea of using illusions and I got some attention. The seeds of something were there. I started building my epiphany bridge.

So I thought and thought and then I started introducing a bit of magic (of the conjuring variety) and I got more attention. This was my aha moment; it was by breaking their expectations that I could at last start to get their attention. I then started to use the magic effects as metaphors and this led to me teaching the individuals some of the magic themselves. Suddenly, it started working! I was making progress. I was getting a sense of satisfaction from what I was doing.

These techniques captured people's attention, they involved them in learning, communicating with others, building their confidence and giving them back a sense of control. I started delivering at conferences, training others and performing more and more.

Excited by this, I went further and further. I learned more and more and haven't stopped since.

This journey has taken me from delivering in the community to boardrooms, to training NHS consultants and people with no numeracy and literacy. It has taken me from learning magic in Blackpool to meeting magicians in Las Vegas. It has taken me from the ideas of classical psychology to the cutting-edge findings of neuroscience and behavioural insights.

Mindsways' services are based on a culmination and a consolidation of all of this."

George Rowley - Director

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Our Mission

Our mission at Mindsways is to introduce something new, fun and fresh into your existing mix of ideas. It's our belief that if you can change how you see what was, you can change what is, so you can change what will be.

We are dedicated to giving you tools that will enlighten, engage and empower you.

Through combining neuroscience, behavioural insights, psychology, storytelling and mentalism with subtlety, surprise, and innovation, we help you to develop strategies for realising your potential and helping others to achieve theirs.

Success for us happens when you have the courage to be yourself and put your courageous ideas into action. Bringing ideas to life and grabbing attention, by their very nature, are courageous ideas that take the heart of an explorer, the mind of a champion and the core of a warrior. It might be scary, but we believe your message and your inner story deserves to be heard.

Be bold, be brave, dare to do something that's different, take your first step and learn how to use these ideas to help yourself and unleash yours and other people’s ultimate capabilities.

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27th April 2018

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3rd May 2018

The George Inn, 77 Borough High St, London SE1 1NH

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Psychological Artistry Live!

The days start at 10:00 am and finish at 4:30 pm. Lunch is not provided but all venues are next to shops and restaurants.