Why Mindsways?

We are called Mindsways because we believe you can Sway Minds through understanding the Mind's Ways.

We work to give you tools which advertise you in better, faster and more evocative ways, using Mind's Ways to Sway Minds.

By learning what we do, you can frame yourself, your ideas and your skills in more entertaining, engaging and enlightening ways, leading you to get more sales, build stronger relationships and have a more fulfilling lifestyle. We teach you about the Ways of the Mind; how we behave, act and think through Psychology, Neuroscience and Art. We also teach you how to Sway the Mind; how Behavioural Insights, Neuromarketing, Neurodesign and the Magician's Mindset can all influence, nudge and persuade your customers.


Mindsways offers a unique set of services which help you create personally tailored magic tricks, mindsets, and models for yourself and in your business. You'll learn how to deliver personalized mysteries around what you do which sparks interest, grabs attention. My ideas have an academic background and have been designed and developed for the real world, using my experience and decades of application.

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Mindsways services are based on applying a unique blend of Psychological Artistry, neuroscience, mentalism, design and smart thinking.

What do we do?

Mindsways work with you through delivering sessions, and these vary from one-to-ones to workshops to mentoring.

Fun, Fresh and Original Ideas For You

For business, originality, personality, and individuality counts. People want to engage with you when they like you and buy from you when they see who you are. By tapping into people's imagination, curiosity, and sense of fun, you can engage people in all different areas.

We are all driven and behave based on our emotions and make decisions irrationally, but that doesn't mean that there aren't consistent patterns, principles and rules that lie behind them. Once you understand these we gain more control of how we influence ourselves and others.

"Strength lies in not just the novelty of the idea, but in the interpretation and boldness of the execution"

The approach we take is what we call Psychological Artistry. This involves using our unique blend of psychology, neuroscience, behavioural insights, neuromarketing, mentalism, personal achievement, and smart thinking ideas. We appreciate that by its very nature, it is not a traditional approach. However, being different is where our power lies.

Success for us happens when we have the courage to be ourselves and put courageous ideas into action. Mindsways' approach is all about providing tools and approaches that are focused three main areas of our lives; Personal Gain, Strategic Gain and Financial Gain.


Our mission at Mindsways is to introduce something new, fun and fresh into your existing mix of ideas. It's our belief that if you can change how you see what was, you can change what is, so you can change what will be.

Through combining neuroscience, behavioural insights, psychology, and the magician's mindset, with subtlety, surprise, and innovation, we help you build personal achievements, strategic gains and financial opportunities. It's about tapping into the fundamental functions of your brain and coming out better.

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