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    Mindsways is George Rowley and Alex Rowley, a father and son team both working together to give people a Psychology Skill Set.

Who Are We?

Our aim at Mindsways is to give you something fun, original, easy to learn and memorable. We are made up of a father and son team, George and Alex Rowley, who together have over 30 years experience as trained speakers, actors and magicians. Click on any of the images below where you can see what kind of things we do!

George Rowley

George works with Psychological Artistry, a blend of psychology, behavioural sciences, and mentalism to entertain, improve people’s lives, working towards greater innovation and creativity, and increased business opportunities. He does this through training, coaching, delivering workshops and presentations. He has been working with individuals, small practices and organisations including extensive projects within the NHS.

The Founding of Psychological Artistry

George is a trained social psychologist who has been using elements of Psychological Artistry across his life to communicate with a wide range of people for the past 30 years.

In the early 1990’s, George founded a social enterprise that was asked to work with young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds. They had no qualifications, no long-term employment prospects and very low numeracy and literacy skills. Most of them had no other choice but to become part of gang cultures and commit violent crimes.

Even though several highly-respected psychologists had trained George before he took on this challenge, he struggled to communicate effectively with the disaffected children. Telling them about their disrespect for authority and lack of planning didn’t mean anything to them, so he had to figure out a way of getting through.

After a few months, he found that using some very simple magic tricks would grab their attention and break down the barriers. Teaching the tricks also gave the children confidence and belief in themselves that they hadn’t been given before.

George's Mission

“My aim is to apply the experiences I’ve had in creating practical responses which stimulate personal growth, increase performances and provide practical solutions to real problems.

I believe that we all have a good deal of control over what skills we develop and that the desire to change can spark amazing results. Experience is capable of changing brain structure significantly. Based on the knowledge I have gained, my experience and being able to work with thousands of people, I have developed techniques and tools to give us a competitive edge. I use what I refer to as Psychological Artistry to communicate the ideas.”

George’s goal in life is to make a difference in the world. It is his mission to apply what he’s learnt in assisting people in life’s challenges and journey.

George's Primary Expertise

George has spent the past 30 years developing, delivering and designing Psychological Skill Sets. His set of expertise include:


George is the head presented in Mindsways, creating and running all of our experiences.


George has spent many years working one-on-one and with small groups on coaching success.


Using a combination of acting, magic and his effective communication, George is an adept performer.

Personal Development

George is an incredibly learned and dedicated teacher who promotes learning every day.

Alex Rowley

Alex is a creative thinker, website designer, trained performer, experienced actor and magician, writer and stage director who produces online experiences, high design and adapts the materials used in training courses to deliver the best online experience. His history of stage acting and 10 years working behind the scenes delivers the highest quality performance and the best, innovative online technology available.

Alex's Journey

Alex believes that Psychological Artistry is the key to developing a better, fairer, and more successful society for all. It’s vital to him and others that we are always striving to be the best we can be, and it’s only through working towards a world that accepts difference, that promotes inter-personal development and encourages new perspectives, new ideas, and new combination, that we can all really be our better selves.

Alex was bullied a lot at school and found it very difficult to make friends. He found that by following his father’s (George Rowley) example, using magic and mentalism to get through to people, he could start to talk to others and over time, overcome the presence of the bullies and build long-lasting relationships.

When George’s business collapsed amidst the 2008 Recession and his primary source of income disappeared, he spent nine long months living off government benefits. It was one of the hardest things he’d go through, doing his best to survive off less than £10 a week. Yet through those years, he still focused on developing business ideas and finding ways to better himself and others. When the opportunity to use his magic, performance and web design skills came up with George’s new business, he leapt at the chance.

Alex's Mission

“What I love most about combining Psychological Artistry and teaching people magic is that it gives people a chance to be a great big kid again. You can see it in people’s eyes, when something utterly impossible happens, it’s like they get yanked backwards to a time when anything could happen. A cardboard box could be a rocket-ship or a shadow on the wall could be a secret mirror. It’s profoundly wonderful to see where your imagination can take you.

I hated being at school, I hated having to come home and explain the stuff that happened to me, so it feels like I missed a lot. Giving people the excuse and permission to act like a child and see the world in awe and wonder they used to is like being able to do it for myself.”

Since 2011, Alex has worked with George and Christina Sarginson and many others delivering high-end training programmes and developing nation-wide websites for the NHS, as well bespoke sites for other development professionals. He’s developed his skills as a fiction writer, artist and illustrator, as well as maintaining a long-running film review blog and performing stand-up comedy and improv around the UK.

Alex's Primary Expertise

Alex has dedicated his life to improving himself and others in a whole range of areas. His set of expertise include:

Creative Thinking

Alex has channeled his own brand of problem solving and innovative thinking into Mindsways training.


For the past 10 years, Alex has developed websites, logos and marketting materials for many business.


Alex's experience from he age of 11 as an actor and magician gives him a rare edge as stage director.

Personal Development

Alex believes that learning and development will always lead to a fairer, better and happier culture.


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