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Breaking the ICE

Breaking the ICE is a phrase that a lot of people have used over the past few weeks on our courses. This becomes a challenge, not just to start conversations and create a buzz, but Read more…


Tickling Your Mind

Tickling Your Mind – The MAYA Principle MAYA stands for “Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable”. Tickling the mind is all about using this idea to engage with people. In the 21st century western world, we no Read more…


Mindsways McGurk Illusion

You cannot believe what you see, but you see what you believe. This is a core tenant of what we do at Mindsways, and it’s something that’s incredibly important for you to understand. Once you Read more…


MindFoolness – FAQs

Over the past 6 months since we launched Project MindFoolness Live!, we’ve had some amazing moments of magic, mentalism and MindFoolness that we’ve shared with you all. Here are a few of the most frequently Read more…