Whether you’re looking to use Psychological Artistry in business (for pitches, presentations, sales or networking etc.), your own personal development (for improving your memory, critical thinking, creativity, dexterity etc.) or in your personal life (for increasing communication, understanding psychology and behavioural insights, exploring a new hobby etc.), it is a unique and innovative approach to…Continue Reading “Psychological Artistry In Action”

Psychological Artistry teaches us that there is more than one frame of reference for comprehending the world, even though we may find it difficult to shed our own. To see more about Psychological Artistry, go to www.mindsways.com/PA/ Eccentric Privilege Eccentric is defined in the dictionary as unconventional and slightly strange.  Privilege is defined as a special…Continue Reading “Eccentric Privilege”

How are you increasing your repertoire of possibilities and building your vitality of mind? Are you in a seeking state yet? Learn more about Psychological Artistry, mentalism and our one-day workshop at  www.mindsways.com/PA/ and use the code JAN20 for a 20% discount! (This discount is only available until 12/01/2018 at 10:00 pm GMT). Seeking States Many of us are so…Continue Reading “Seeking States”