Psychological Artistry teaches us that there is more than one frame of reference for comprehending the world, even though we may find it difficult to shed our own.

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Eccentric Privilege

Eccentric is defined in the dictionary as unconventional and slightly strange.  Privilege is defined as a special right or an advantage. Putting these two together as an Eccentric Privilege fits how I see learning and experiencing Psychological Artistry.

Mentalism, by its very definition (displaying feats of mental power that are not explainable by science, such as telepathy and mind reading), is for most people unconventional. It involves activities that are slightly strange, and it provides us with a platform that gives us an advantage.

Because of this, mentalism has the power to both delight and instruct whilst also informing and enriching experiences. Because of its Eccentric Privilege, it can speak to the rational, illogical and the emotional mindsets. It does this by appealing to our internal processes, our imagination, enticing us through showing endless possibilities.

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Creating New Frames of Reference

Psychological Artistry starts with the belief that you can challenge your deeply personal assumptions. You have the ability to create new frames of reference for yourself and your world. We then ask how you can apply this principle to others and their worlds. These acts, in turn, affect your own behaviour.

It is vital that these new assumptions are founded on neuroscience, psychology and behavioural insights, not just opinions. It’s biology, not opinion. By accepting such strange truths, we can open whole new worlds and use brand new frames of reference and perceptions.

The Psychological Artistry Live! day takes everything we’ve learned about magic, mentalism and performance and applies to business and personal development. We want you to adapt the strategies behind why magic and mentalism work and inspire boundless imagination, create innovation, energise leadership, and spark success in any business or endeavor you take on.

At the core of what we do is the belief that we can create a positive impact on ourselves and others using mentalism.

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What You Get On The Day

The Mentalism effects you’ll learn on the day are laid out for you in simple, easy-to-understand ways. For a list of the effects taught to you on the day, go to

The mentalism effects, ideas and principles are geared so you can take most away and perform them with less than an hour’s practice. They cover areas such as:

  • Predicting the future
  • Reading body language
  • Reading representational cues
  • Influencing decision making
  • Creating impossible objects
  • Tapping into unconscious potential
  • Reading minds

Knowing and performing the tricks are just one element of the day. Adding your style, your personality and content is what makes them effective for you. It is about creating presentations that carry your meanings with them.

Mentalism is unconventional and slightly strange because it is:

  • Amazing and inexplicable
  • Attention-grabbing and fascinating
  • About the personal touch in this increasing tech world
  • A route to revealing your persona, values and ideas
  • Ideal for creating MMI’s
  • Dedicated to adding mystery to what you do

With the Psychological Artistry Live! day you can craft the pieces we teach you to your personality so that you get the best possible responses. The entire day is geared towards taking the ideas and working in harmony with you to create Eccentric Privilege.

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P.S. “Truth is a matter of the imagination.” – Ursula K Le Guin 

P.P.S. We also have the Psychological Artistry Kit available to you if you can’t make the day. Visit to get your copy now!

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I’m a creative thinker, designer and web developer, experienced magician and actor, writer and stage director who uses elements from Psychological Artistry (a blend of psychology, behavioural insights and mentalism) to tell effective, engaging and empowering stories. I believe that storytelling is key to developing a better and more successful business community and society. My aims are to instil a feeling of wonder, awe, authenticity, autonomy and hope in the business owners I work with and their clients.

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