Expectation Violation.

This is the whole basis of what has grown and become Psychological Artistry.  I have been asked several times last week about how I got into this.  Well, it’s a story that started about 30 years ago.

I was running a community project where I had to engage individuals that were given many labels,  such as vulnerable, harder to place, excluded excluded and many more variations similar to these. Many of these, I am sure, would have been used to describe me in my youth.

I must admit that I struggled; when I used what I had been trained in, it didn’t work. When I used what I read from books, it didn’t work. When I used what others advised, it didn’t work.  In fact, I was stuck in the “it didn’t work” cycle for about two years. I was dissatisfied and frustrated, I really felt stuck. Then, I hit upon the idea of using illusions and I got some attention.  The seeds of something were there.  I started building my epiphany bridge.

So I thought and thought and then I started introducing a bit of magic (of the conjuring variety) and I got more attention. This was my aha moment; it was by breaking their expectations that I could at last start to get their attention.  I then started to use the magic effects as metaphors and this led to me teaching the individuals some of the magic themselves.  Suddenly, it started working! I was making progress. I was getting a sense of satisfaction from what I was doing.

These techniques captured people’s attention, they involved them in learning, communicating with others, building their confidence and giving them back a sense of control. I started delivering at conferences, training others and performing more and more.

Excited by this, I went further and further. I learned more and more and haven’t stopped since.

This journey has taken me from delivering in the community to boardrooms, to training NHS consultants and people with no numeracy and literacy.  It has taken me from learning magic in Blackpool to meeting magicians in Las Vegas.  It has taken me from the ideas of classical psychology to the cutting-edge findings of neuroscience and behavioural insights.

Mindsways’ services are based on a culmination and a consolidation of all of this.

My Life’s Work

So, as you can see, my life’s work is all about breaking and rebuilding belief patterns. It doesn’t matter what you know now or what you do, you can come and see for yourself.

The new dates for our one-day Psychological Artistry Live are Birmingham on the 26th October and in London on the 9th November. We have also provisionally booked 27th January in Edinburgh. If you’d be interested in attending any of these, please let me know.

You can find details about it at www.mindsways.com/pa/  

You will learn unique ideas around marketing and communication, unorthodox approaches to creativity and unusual techniques that help you stand out, all by engaging with Psychological Artistry. It’s a fun way of exploring and understanding the rich stream of ideas about our thinking coming from psychology, neuroscience and behavioural insights.

You’ll find ways, much like I did, to engage, empower and enlighten your clients, staff and customers.

As you are aware, this approach is unusual (that is its strength, in celebrating the unusual) and maybe something that you have never even considered.  Imagine if you could challenge perceptions and add mystery to your practices.  What effect would that have on you, your mindset and the people you interact with?

If you are open to new ideas and novel approaches, then this is worth looking at.

We deliver our services through

  • Coaching
  • In-house Sessions
  • Open Seminars
  • Shows

I would love to discuss my work and any possibilities with you.

Go to www.mindsways.com/pricing.html to see our full range of services! 

Thanks in advance,


P.S. “Everything worth achieving is beyond our capacity, or so seems at first” – Elia Kazan

I think of it as the Pain to Glory ratio.

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I have been working with Psychological Artistry (a blend of psychology, behavioural insights and mentalism) to entertain, improve people’s lives, work towards greater inclusion and increase business opportunities for the past 30 years. The vehicles I use to do this are training, coaching, delivering workshops, presentations and talks. I’ve worked extensively with individuals, small businesses, social enterprises and large organisations such as Deutsche Bank and the University of Liverpool, including projects within the NHS across the country. My aim is to apply my experiences to stimulating personal growth, increasing performance and providing practical responses to real problems. My mission is to apply what I have learned to help people in their life’s challenges and journey and create the environments for greater inclusion, learning, and growth in organisations.

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