Over the past 6 months since we launched Project MindFoolness Live!, we’ve had some amazing moments of magic, mentalism and MindFoolness that we’ve shared with you all. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions people have had about the day, and we thought you’d like them answered…

To find out more about the Project MindFoolness Live! day, go to www.mindsways.com/PMFL/ 

What time does the day start/finish?

Each course starts at 10:00 am and finishes at 4:30 pm. We will have lunch about 12:30 and have a comfort break in the morning and a comfort break in the afternoon.

Do I have to have experience in magic/mentalism/psychology?

There is no experience required. It doesn’t matter what your background is, if you happen to be a magician or if you’ve never considered learning magic before; we work with you to make sure you understand and can perform all the tricks and techniques before you leave the day.

If your background is in psychology, coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy, we find our technique works very well in complimenting your previous training, but it is not a requirement.

What tricks do I learn? Do they need a lot of practice? What do I get from the course?

The tricks are made so that anyone can do them with minimal effort. You may have to practice some, and some take a few minutes to set up, but mostly they involve very little work, so everyone can do them. The tricks are:

The Mindfoolness Project Pack: The selected material and items we use through out the day, including clean models for you to use, copies of important printed material and a few other secret items that will become clearer on the day itself!

Enargeia:  Using suggestion and persuasion, the spirits of our loved ones are invoked to help the entire audience make a powerful decision.

The Psychometry Experiment: Is it possible to tell everything about a person from how they draw an object?

A Prism Routine: Take any five concepts, and by using your business cards, you can learn to not only read the minds of your audience but predict their every action.

The Strangest Thing:  There are many ways to create an artefact; something precious that people hold on to. There’s the design, there’s the history of the object, and then there’s our way: Use it to do the impossible. Make it an impossible object, and people will treasure it for years. What’s more, making your business card an impossible object transforms it into a treasured artefact for amazing advertising.

The Mindsways Trick: We are all fascinated by the mind and how the mind works, but is it possible to really read someone else’s?

Any Thing, Any One, Any Where: How do you reach into someone’s mind and pull out an idea? Being able to do it with Any Thing, with Any One and Any Where should prove the doubters wrong!

Enveloped By Mind: A series of mysteries, puzzles and impossibilities, these tricks are all about being able to read your audience’s minds.

Attention Grabbers: Using every day objects in ways you wouldn’t believe to illustrate your ideas, your concepts and metaphors.

Digital Pack: A copy of the Project Mindfoolness Live! presentation, digital copies of the models and information sheets we use, further access to working with us and special, exclusive discounts on our future workshops and products.

Find out much more about each of these effects, their features and how we use them at www.mindsways.com/PMFL/

Is there an online version of the course?

At the minute, we do not have any plans to create an online version of the course. If you can not make the dates or can not travel to where the courses are held, you may benefit from getting the Psychological Artistry Kit, a digital download available across the world. You can get it at www.mindsways.com/PAK/

Is this different from Psychological Artistry Live? Do I need to have come to Psychological Artistry, or got the kit, first?

Yes, this is a different day from Psychological Artistry Live! We have designed it so the effects and material builds on from what you have learnt in Psychological Artistry, but they do not repeat. If you have attended one, you will benefit from attending the other. You do not need to have worked with us before to enjoy Project MindFoolness Live!

How can I pay for the course?

You can pay for the course using either Debit/Credit cards, through PayPal, Google Pay and ApplePay. You can book your place and find out more by going to www.mindsways.com/PMFL/

If you want to pay through invoice or instalments, contact us at contact@mindsways.com

Where are the courses held? How do I get there? Is there parking? Do you provide lunch?

The courses are held in both central Birmingham and central London. Our Birmingham venue is a 10-minute walk away from all three major Birmingham train stations and our London location is a 5-minute walk away from London Bridge and Southwark tube station. There are no parking facilities available with the venues, but there are two NCP car parks within 5 minutes of the Birmingham venue. We do not provide lunch, but both venues are located next to shops and above restaurants that cater to a wide range of dietary requirements.

If you have a venue or location that you would like us to use, please let us know at contact@mindsways.com We are always open to new possibilities.

Can I record the day?

We do ask that you refrain from taking videos of the day. You will receive copies of the presentations and exercises that we use through out the day, and we are always available by email or to set up a follow-up call if you wish. You can also take as many pictures and notes as possible. Due to the nature of what we do, we always feel it’s best to keep as much of it as secretive as possible.

Will I get a confirmation of my attendance?

Yes, I will be in touch within 24 hours of your booking to confirm your place(s) and you will receive full joining instructions within a week of the course taking place.

Can I book for more than one person at a time?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, we currently have an offer that allows you to bring two people for the price of one. Just enter BRINGAGUESTOFFER at checkout to get this two for one offer. There are no limits to how many places you can book, but there are limited spaces available on the day.

Go to www.mindsways.com/PMFL/ to make use of this offer now! Get in touch with us at contact@mindsways.com for group offers and other options available too.

Is the course accredited?

At the present, we do not offer accredited courses. This is something we are looking to do very soon, however, and the courses do count towards your CPD.


Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we offer full refunds up to the day before attendance. If you cancel on the day or wish to rearrange, we will deal with this on a case-by-case basis. If you are unhappy with the course, please get in touch at contact@mindsways.com and we will discuss your feedback and where to go next.

Can you deliver this to my team/group/organisation?

Yes, we offer both in-house training and bespoke courses. To see the full range of what we offer, download your free brochure at http://www.mindsways.com/Data/SocialImpactBrochure-Summer2018.pdf

What have other people said about it?

We’re rated 5-stars on Facebook! Here are just a few bits from them:

“The delivery was genuine and from a place of real authenticity… All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day.” – Simon C.

“My sincere thanks to both George and Alex for the day which was an invaluable experience and has given me a new range of tools to enhance my own training courses and presentations.” – Paul B.

“Thanks so much to George and Alex for facilitating such a well-run and great MindFoolness workshop. It was great to learn about illusion and magic and to be given the tools to put that into practice.” – Barbara S.

“Fun, informative, engaging, different – a truly magical experience!” – Lindsey H.

“Great workshop and I felt in safe hands with people who have plenty of experience and credibility in their field. Can’t wait to put my new-found skills into action and learn more! Thanks George and Alex, great fun!” – Karen K.

You can also get a great idea about what it’s like by watching the video below:

How much is it?

For July 2018, we have reduced our prices for you. You can now book on Project MindFoolness Live in Birmingham for £129 and in London for £149. We also have Bundle offers available for you to book on both Project MindFoolness Live! and Psychological Artistry Live!, as well as receive a free Psychological Artistry Kit, saving you up to £79.99!

Go to www.mindsway.com/PMFL/ to find out about this and to book your place now.

I’m a creative thinker, designer and web developer, experienced magician and actor, writer and stage director who uses elements from Psychological Artistry (a blend of psychology, behavioural insights and mentalism) to tell effective, engaging and empowering stories. I believe that storytelling is key to developing a better and more successful business community and society. My aims are to instil a feeling of wonder, awe, authenticity, autonomy and hope in the business owners I work with and their clients.

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