It starts with some sort of gossip. Voices that are distant, distorted, but jolly. Laughter. “Let ‘em have it, boys.” And then…


Kick, bump, kick, bump. But then…


Do-wah-dah, do-wah-dah, do-wah-bah-do!

The entire thing is repeated in a flash, but lower, with a more sultry, seedy, forbidden undertone. Until…

“How lucky can one guy be?”

His voice is silky smooth, besotted and dreamy, but with a tinge of world-weary despair. The trumpets flare as the beat falls away into something like stones skipping on a lake.

I kissed her and she kissed me…”

Now it’s a race between what he’s thinking and what he’s feeling. The lyrics pop. The trumpets fade.

“Like the fella once said…”

The trumpets make a jab. His voice is stung. He admits a delightful defeat.

“Ain’t it a kick in the head?”

I defy anybody with a beating heart not to feel just a little excited and start tapping their feet when they hear Dean Martin’s Ain’t It A Kick In The Head. The pace, the brass, the bitter glee that Martin’s voice was perfect at performing.

It’s one of my favourite songs in the entire world, and has so much jam-packed into that first 30 seconds alone that I could spend hours talking about it. In short, it absolutely encapsulates my enthusiasm.

For those of you who don’t have this wonderful track drilled into your consciousness, here it is:


Enthusiasm is something very hard to define. In this week’s edition, I said that for me, enthusiasm is this tumbling, bubbling, electrical, swooping sensation bursting out of the middle of my chest, sparking my curiosity and saying; “let’s do this!” and “oh my god, how amazing!?”

I think it’s this feeling that we should all be aiming to create for ourselves and our clients.

Whenever you’re connecting with someone, whether you’re pitching, generating new leads looking to sway someone or if you’re going to make sales, I think we all want to feel enthusiastic about what we’re saying and we want other people to feel enthusiastic about what they’re hearing.

That’s where the Mindsways Enthusiasm Quotient comes in.

If you’re looking to:

  • Build better connections
  • Generate new business
  • Create new opportunities

And do so in unique, unorthodox and unusual ways, helping you in:

  • Securing sales, presentations and pitches
  • Generating new business and stronger connections
  • Psychological training, i.e. the ways of the mind and how the mind sways
  • Creating a stronger platform to market

Then you need to understand a few simple but meaningful ideas behind the Mindsways Enthusiasm Quotient.

Each of these elements is expanded and taught on our Psychological Artistry Live! Training Day. Go to to book your place and start learning!


Firstly, you must figure out how long you have. The quotient will change depending on how long you have to work with your audience’s attention. Sometimes it’s 30 seconds, sometimes it’s 10 minutes, sometimes it’s 6 hours.

You must be able to observe, apply and reflect the changes to your pace as and when needed.

Secondly, you must temper your presentation for the number of people you have in the room. For our examples, these range from 1 to 25 and more. It’s important you take this into account, as the number of elements that work in a one-to-one meeting are not the same when faced with a group of 500.

Thirdly, identify how many elements fall into your Interest, Interaction and Insight categories.

These are what we call MMI’s; Multiple Moments of Interest, Interaction and Insight. We dig deep into each of these categories on the Psychological Artistry Live! Day, and you can find out more about them by going to and booking your place!


Lastly, and this is the key bit: To truly identify your Enthusiasm Quotient, you must multiply each of the elements together. This will give you your Mindsways Enthusiasm Quotient.

This is key because your Enthusiasm Quotient score is together a factor of your MMI’s, not a straightforward summary. In simple terms, if you have 1 Moment of Interest, 1 Moment of Interaction but 0 Moments of Insight, your Enthusiasm Score will be 0. But if you have 2 Moments of Interest, 1 Moment of Interaction and 2 Moments of Insight, you’ll get an Enthusiasm Score of 4.

Like all things in human interaction, it is a complex string of behaviours where one small shift can have huge changes.


To save you time, you can download a copy of the various Quotients for you to fill in! Keep in mind these factors as you go through the Enthusiasm Score Cheat Sheet:

  • What do I want my audience to feel?
  • What moments do I want them to stop and reflect?
  • What messages do I want to place an emphasis on?
  • How many moments do I want them to remember?
  • How much information do I want my audience to remember?

Creating a presentation can be an incredibly tricky undertaking, and there’s no better way to improve your skills but to go out and deliver it.

I hope, however, that this gives you a quick and effective measure for the Enthusiasm you can generate and which areas you may need to work on.

If you have any questions, I’d love to talk to you about this on our Facebook pageTwitter or LinkedIn.

To learn more about these ideas and how Mindsways, Mentalism and Psychological Artistry can amplify them, visit and book your place on one of our Psychological Artistry Live! training days.


From last week’s training alone, people have told us:

“What a wonderful day of fun, learning, insight – and perceptual mystery. Well done George and Alex – I can’t imagine anyone attending this course and not having a most enjoyable day. A day from which they will bring home lots of new skills too – I know I have. Awesome.” – Tim A.

“A brilliant day creating many memorable moments. Thank you George and Alex. I now have a selection of new techniques that I can’t wait to use.” – Fiona A.

“George and Alex are Psychological Artists ~ they work with the artistry of the Magician, bringing magic into practical purpose and deploying it liberally within a work environment. Perceptions, preconceptions, presumptions, assumptions, tired old habits and entrenched ways have to fall apart in the face of what these guys do, and share.” – Alison K.

So, book your place on the one-day course now and start to learn ways of identifying, implementing and increasing enthusiasm! Please go to for more about this!


Thanks in advance,


07970 480 615

P.S. We also deliver our services through Coaching, In-house training, Open Seminars and Shows. Go to see more options.

P.P.S. “There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.” Norman Vincent Peale

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I’m a creative thinker, designer and web developer, experienced magician and actor, writer and stage director who uses elements from Psychological Artistry (a blend of psychology, behavioural insights and mentalism) to tell effective, engaging and empowering stories. I believe that storytelling is key to developing a better and more successful business community and society. My aims are to instil a feeling of wonder, awe, authenticity, autonomy and hope in the business owners I work with and their clients.

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