You cannot believe what you see, but you see what you believe.

This is a core tenant of what we do at Mindsways, and it’s something that’s incredibly important for you to understand.

Once you start to understand the power of perceptions, you can see how they influence your decision making, your habits, your sales and income, your thinking styles and your mindset. You can also use it to help others understand their own processes.

In my workshops, etc. I quite often demonstrate all of this in our short video of the “McGurk Effect“. You can experience this profoundly strange illusion by observing that what your eyes see can influence what your ears hear.  The power lies in the fact that even when you know what is happening, the effect does not change.

The good news is that we can learn from this. We have infinite brain plasticity, so we can change, grow and develop new skills.  We advocate using this to create new thinking patterns and skills.

What you will see will override the rest of your senses. Please watch the video above to see this in action!

Using the Video

We’ve had many people ask if they can use this video for themselves in training, team building, consulting and personal development work. The good news is we’re now making this publicly available for you to do so!

If you wish to have a version of the McGurk Effectailor-madeade for these situations and anything else you can think of, please get in touch using and I will send you your copy! All we ask is that you put it to good use!

Try Mentalism

Give mentalism a try and you will see just how intriguing and fun it can be.  By using mentalism, you will explore both fact and fiction and cultivate a deep fascination in people.

  • The art of mentalism is about expressing and demonstrating acts which are designed to amaze, baffle and surprise us using the mind and how we think.
  • The art of mentalism is about offering the experience of inexplicable phenomena. It is about the mind and our thinking, so it challenges and provokes our belief systems.
  • The art of mentalism is about creating a perplexing expression of just how amazing our minds are.

Using the art of Mentalism is a way to open up curiosity, to review how we think and challenge how we see things.  It is about communicating insightful messages through mentalism’s ability to make an impact.  It shows us all how sensitive we are to our surroundings and how we make choices in our lives.

On Psychological Artistry Live!, this uniqueness comes from how you can combine and express ideas. We will train you in ways to apply them to your presentations and delivery and to fit your specialised brand.

To explore more and give mentalism a try, please go to

Psychological Artistry Live

Our next one-day Psychological Artistry Live is in London on the 9th November. You can find details about it at

My life’s work is all about breaking and rebuilding belief patterns. If you are open to new ideas and novel approaches, then this is worth looking at.

The feedback we have had from last week is very positive. People have said:

“Thank you guys!!!!!! Inspirational, motivational & enjoyable!”

“Great session! Magic, entertainment, storytelling, attention grabbers and conversation sparkers galore! And plenty of takeaways too!”

“Just spent an amazing day with George & Alex of @MindSways – brilliant insight into psychology, challenging beliefs and inspiring change.”

To learn more about our techniques, please go to

In our next Psychological Artistry workshop we explore the power of perceptions, illusions and many other ideas.  On this day, we look at valuable lessons we can learn from mentalism and capture an array of techniques, frameworks and models that can be built into skills that will benefit you and those you interact with.  As well as having some fun.

See more information at

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I have been working with Psychological Artistry (a blend of psychology, behavioural insights and mentalism) to entertain, improve people’s lives, work towards greater inclusion and increase business opportunities for the past 30 years. The vehicles I use to do this are training, coaching, delivering workshops, presentations and talks. I’ve worked extensively with individuals, small businesses, social enterprises and large organisations such as Deutsche Bank and the University of Liverpool, including projects within the NHS across the country. My aim is to apply my experiences to stimulating personal growth, increasing performance and providing practical responses to real problems. My mission is to apply what I have learned to help people in their life’s challenges and journey and create the environments for greater inclusion, learning, and growth in organisations.

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