I would like to introduce you to our Psychological Artistry Coaching sessions.

The goal of our Psychological Artistry coaching sessions is to enhance how you express yourself and your ideas.

Central to our coaching, we have produced the Psychological Artistry Coaching Canvas. In developing and in the process of using it, we have worked hard to make the sessions accessible to all, simplifying ideas without being simplistic.

This is an accumulation of ideas put together from working with people over the past 30 years and ideas from some of the latest research in psychology, neuroscience and behavioural insights.

You can see more about Psychological Artistry Coaching and get your copy of the Psychological Artistry Coaching Canvas by going to www.mindsways.com/pacoaching/

The tools, techniques and workbooks associated with the canvas acknowledge that by changing perspectives, you can change and improve yourself and others. But this requires work and deliberate practice.  The Psychological Artistry Coaching Canvas uses the well thought out ideas embedded within magic and mentalism as a means for achieving this.

Our guiding principles in creating these coaching sessions are:

  • Our Coaching sessions are dedicated to you and focused on your needs.
  • The Psychological Artistry Coaching Canvas brings together flexible models, tools and practical ideas for you to take away, apply to and enhance what you do.
  • These unique ideas, which have previously been restricted to mentalists and magicians, are very niche but widely applicable to life and work.

We have created models, tools and practical ideas for you to take away, apply to and enhance what you do. These are unique, unorthodox and unusual approaches to training and presenting, productivity, communication, personal development and creativity. Every part of the Coaching Canvas is flexible and wide ranging, and provides revealing ways to look at your life and your work.

After working on these materials, ideas and techniques for years, we’ve brought together the Psychological Artistry Coaching Canvas to support you for the very first time. You will get more than you expect.

Go to www.mindsways.com/pacoaching/ to find out more about these sessions and to book your own!

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I have been working with Psychological Artistry (a blend of psychology, behavioural insights and mentalism) to entertain, improve people’s lives, work towards greater inclusion and increase business opportunities for the past 30 years. The vehicles I use to do this are training, coaching, delivering workshops, presentations and talks. I’ve worked extensively with individuals, small businesses, social enterprises and large organisations such as Deutsche Bank and the University of Liverpool, including projects within the NHS across the country. My aim is to apply my experiences to stimulating personal growth, increasing performance and providing practical responses to real problems. My mission is to apply what I have learned to help people in their life’s challenges and journey and create the environments for greater inclusion, learning, and growth in organisations.

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