The Psychological Artistry Kit is a source of inspiration for everything you do. It is a set of effects, tools, techniques and video training materials that allow you to stand out from the crowd, grab attention and make a positive, lasting impact on the world.

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Watch the video below for the Action Plan in full! Please enjoy!

To help you achieve the success you deserve, we have created The Psychological Artistry Action Plan. The Action Plan is a 10 Step process that helps you develop the mindset and the skill set towards success. You can use these ideas on their own, and hopefully, you’ll get great use out of them, but the Action Plan complimented together with the kit can be used to amplify what you’re doing now far beyond expectations.

Following on from this, the Action Plan is also a culmination of the past year’s features and blogs. We’ve created some of these principles from scratch, taken others as they are and updated, modified and refined them in the field. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll be inspired to really achieve the success you deserve.

This is, in effect, the Mindsways Manifesto.

1. Filter How You See Everything

How we see the world determines almost everything else we do: How we behave towards other people, how we make decisions, what are goals are, what potential we see in ourselves and others as having, and perhaps the most importantly, how we see ourselves in general. Realising, accepting and learning to take control of how we see the world, then, can have a huge impact on how successful we are and how fulfilled we feel on a day-to-day basis.

Using the kit, to help yourself and others, you get an instant understanding of just how influential our perceptions can be. The materials within the kit act as a shining light on how we’ve been seeing the world, and the Visualisation Tool Kit in particular, helps you build up the mindset and skill set you need to start changing this for the positive.

2. Take Massive, Determined Action

“Knowing is good, willing is great, but doing is vital.” This is a key mantra for us. In Tony Robbins’ words; “The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” We can know these principles, we can be very willing to do something about it, but unless we take action, we won’t achieve anything.

In this world, the only way we can reap the massive rewards we deserve is by taking equally massive action. This is how the physical world works, and it’s how the world of our businesses, careers, love life and family works.

The kit was made for you to take massive action towards your goals. Whether those are focused on building greater connections, getting more clients, developing stronger presentation skills, establishing and enhancing your brand’s reputation, building your legacy and more, we made this kit so you can determine which actions you need to take and have the tools to follow through on them.

3. Unlock Your Hero Within

From the very primordial foundations of our species, through to the multi-billion dollar film franchises that dominate today’s cinemas, we have always loved heroes. Their brave deeds, their optimistic attitudes and their flawed but loveable natures provide us with endless hours of fascination, entertainment and most importantly, meaningful stories to be inspired by.

Unlocking the hero within you was a massive motivation for me when I was developing and delivering the Psychological Artistry Kit. That’s why an entire hour of the training material has been dedicated to developing your understanding of story and narrative, creating and trusting your inner story and ultimately giving you ways of expressing your own hero within. Throughout the entire kit, we look at building your confidence, igniting your courage and reinforcing your strong, inspirational personality, all the things that heroes are meant to do.

4. Create Your Creativity

Creativity is not a remote figure, cloaked in an obscured darkness that pretentious artists and media outlets may lead you to believe. It’s not a rare, fleeting glimpse into a fantastical world, nor a flash of magic which is only accessible to the lucky ones. Creativity is a habit. Let me repeat that: Creativity is a habit, and it’s one that you can easily start practicing.

Like all habits, creativity must be practiced, refined and developed on a regular basis. Thinking creatively, coming up with innovative solutions and finding new ways to express yourself are all things you can practice on a daily or weekly basis, and all ways that lead to more creativity.

Working your way through the kit is a great way to get started: by finding new ways to present the effects, by using the illusions as new metaphors and developing and delivering the material inside, you can start to create your creativity.

5. Define Your Sources of Inspiration

The classical definition of inspiration is either A) To breathe or be blown into, or B) To infuse by breathing. Inspiration is more than a shallow pump-up, more than just a guru reciting idioms and truisms, more than just a flash-in-the-pan feeling to wake you up: it’s the universally true sensation of being buoyant on the waters of life, of being breathed into by the spirit of the universe, of having the very essence of everything you do infused with energy, passion and vitality.

This should give you some pretty handy clues as to why I said the Psychological Artistry Kit is a source of inspiration for everything you do. The kit is all about giving you access to new areas of inspiration from the worlds of magic, mentalism, neuroscience, showmanship, personal development, team building, NLP, social psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, marketing and branding and psychology as a whole.

The kit is about, then, not just giving you a quick burst of energy to get you going (though it can provide that as well), but providing you and your clients with a sustained, uplifting and authentic passion that really makes a difference in this world.

What is The Psychological Artistry Kit? 

You can make use of the Psychological Artistry kit if you are interested in something that:

  • Is Practical, Powerful and Engaging
  • You Can Demonstrate Your Ideas With
  • Grabs Attention
  • Creates “Aha” and “No-way” Moments
  • Creates Shared & Lasting Experiences With Your Clients
  • Has Novel & New Experiences
  • Shows Very Complex Ideas Quickly & Effectively

The Psychological Artistry Kit is all about making things happen and creating insights and adding value to people. It is designed to be able to create greater value, add benefit, leverage your advantage and enhance the lives of people you interact with. The Psychological Artistry Kit packs small but is disarmingly simple and produces very powerful and profound effects in people. Take this opportunity to revolutionise your training, therapy and delivery.

The kit is made up of materials that we’ve been using to deliver Psychological Artistry Live and our coaching and group sessions. You can perform these in any situation, at any time and illustrating any principle. These ideas are taken from the Mind Magic and Mentalism world, so are rarely found anywhere else.

The kit is also accompanied by 4 and a half hours of video and audio instructions. We cover topics such as:

  • The Neuroscience of Psychological Artistry
  • Cognitive Fitness Habits
  • Creativity, Imagination and Curiosity
  • Storytelling and Narrative
  • The Power of Perceptions
  • Visualisations, Goal Setting and Team Work
  • Novelty, Deliberate Practice and Living Up To Your Potential

On top of this, you get exclusive, Royalty-Free rights to use both our McGurk Illusion video for yourself and Test Your Mindfoolness. These are non-branded and perfect for illustrating how we don’t believe what we see, we see what we believe.

In addition to all of this, you also get Perceptions, an 80 page, full-colour download that covers brand new material in rich, vivid detail, such as:

  • The Psychological Artistry Adventure
  • The Power Of Perceptions
  • Six Principles Of The Mentalist’s Mindset
  • Red or Black
  • The X Deck
  • Conceptual Choices
  • The Enthusiasm Quotient
  • Cold Reading System
  • The Card Meaning System
  • Learning Points

This means that you can always be ready to illustrate what you do, as well as tell people. You will always be prepared to give a talk or presentation.

To get a copy of the Psychological Artistry Kit for yourself, go to

6. Compound Interest

Here, jam-packed into one step, are two very important principles: Compound Interest, as in the act of compounding interest and attention (this will be the focus of the next step as well), and Compound Interest, as in the mathematical principle that when cleverly applied, can help you maximise the usefulness of the Psychological Artistry Kit.

Albert Einstein said “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it. Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.” Compound Interest is the ability to take a series of small things (ideas, techniques, materials, concepts etc.) and combine them in new ways, resulting in a far stronger whole than just the sum of its parts. Each aspect of the Psychological Artistry Kit is built to compliment every other part, so for instance, you can use the principle behind why The X Deck works and apply it to the Cognitive Fitness training video. You can take the McGurk Effect and demonstrate the Neuroscience of Psychological Artistry. You can take all four of these concepts and combine them together. That’s the power of Compound Interest.

7. Break the So-What Syndrome

The So-What Syndrome is a worryingly common reaction that people are starting to show more and more. In this strange new world of labyrinthine politics, disasters on the news every night and cynical, dishonest people taking advantage of the poor and disillusioned, the easy answer is to just switch off. On top of this, never so much as before has our attention been pulled in so many different ways by so many different things. This, for many people, produces the So-What Syndrome, a response of ‘So What?’ to almost everything.

To succeed in this ever increasingly difficult landscape, you must be able to grab and hold people’s attention and get your message across in succinct and understandable ways. You must be able to do this whilst maintaining your integrity, whilst delivering your authentic selves and helping others to live up to their potential. It is, by no means, an easy task. To overcome these challenges and break the So-What Syndrome, we’ve made sure the materials in the Psychological Artistry Kit are:

  • Visual – These materials pop out in meetings, pitches and anywhere that dull colours and concepts have their overreaching powers.
  • Powerful – Everything in the kit has been tested, tried and tinkered with to make sure they work with as many people as possible and can reinforce positive messages.
  • Universal – The visual nature and psychological makeup of the kit means that it can be used in almost any situation, at any time, with people from almost any background.
  • Flexible – The kit is something that can be customised with your branding and made to fit any of your messages, metaphors and learning points.
  • Memorable – The ideas, techniques and materials in this kit have been developed in secret for hundreds of years by magicians, mentalists and performers with the aim in mind to stand out, grab attention and make you more memorable.

8. Connect Deeper

We are social creatures. It’s an undeniable fact. We do not, and cannot, exist in a vacuum. We are not soulless, routinized machines that go through the motions day in, day out. Or, at least, we shouldn’t be. We are driven by connections, and the deeper those connections are, the more success we can achieve.

Connecting Deeper means building your Social Capital (who you connect with, how many people you connect with) and building your Social Impact (how deep those connections go, how long those connections last). More than this, though, it’s about using the tools in the Psychological Artistry Kit to help others. You can use the tools for yourself, and from my personal experience, they work very well to develop your own skill set and mindset, but where this kit shines is when it’s used to help build other people’s confidence, courage and creativity.

9. Leave a Legacy – Make an Impact

There is just one thing that is more important to me than anything else in this world. A singular aim, vision and mission that I use to guide my actions on a daily basis: What is my legacy? What is the difference I’m making in this world? What is the impact I’ll leave behind?

Two years ago, I lost all four of my grandparents in the space of 6 months. This February, the biggest bundle of joy, tears and adorable dribbling was bought into my life when my nephew was born. This series of events has given me a clear view of the fragility and wonder of life. It’s taught me that what matters most are the ones who have come before me, and the ones I can help who have come after me.

The Psychological Artistry Kit is more than just a collection of materials, it’s a way of asking other people those huge questions: What is your legacy? What is the difference you’re making in this world? What is the impact you’ll leave behind?

10. Change the World

Like another, well-known three-word sentence, Change the World is easy to say but will take a lifetime to truly fulfil.

When put together, this Action Plan is made to help you do one great thing, the thing all of us want to do and the measure of success we all deserve; Change the World. Change how you see the world, take actions to make it better, unlock your hidden potential, enhance your creativity every day, discover sources of inspiration, take a number of small things to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts, get your message heard, help other people and leave a great legacy. If you do all of these things, then the world will have changed for the better.

Easy to say, takes a lifetime to truly fulfil.

I’m a creative thinker, designer and web developer, experienced magician and actor, writer and stage director who uses elements from Psychological Artistry (a blend of psychology, behavioural insights and mentalism) to tell effective, engaging and empowering stories. I believe that storytelling is key to developing a better and more successful business community and society. My aims are to instil a feeling of wonder, awe, authenticity, autonomy and hope in the business owners I work with and their clients.

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