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ArtForming Around You

23 Mar, 2017

As you are aware, over the past few decades I have spent my time working with individuals, groups and organisations using Psychological Artistry and illustrating the need to understand these concepts. One of the major learning points

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Why Do You Like What You Like?

06 Mar, 2017

The power of Art Forming lies in uniting communication and emotion. Communication is what you have to say, art is how you say it.

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Deeply Personal Branding

06 Feb, 2017

Finding what resonates with you, what you find meaningful and what is deeply personal to you reflects your identity

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Beware The Sirens of Old Habits

16 Jan, 2017

In this feature, George Rowley talks about being aware of the Sirens of Old Habits

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Seeing The World As It Isn't

16 Jan, 2017

In this feature, we explore the world as it isn't seen.

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Why Think Through Illusions?

06 Jan, 2017

In this feature, we ask "Why Think Through Illusions?"

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