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Tickling The Mind

26 June, 2017
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The MAYA Principle

MAYA stands for “Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable”.

For us, this principle applies very closely to the approach needed in Psychological Artistry; create wonder whilst engaging people.

Creating Wonder

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Wonder is that tickling sensation that something impossible might have just happened. It’s the sense that you’ve caught lightening in a jar, that somewhere along the way, something has gone delightfully wrong and that we’ve been one of the select few to ever witness it. It’s a sense that real magic just happened.

Wonder is a feeling that many of us had during childhood, but has long since disappeared and been replaced with the dread of monthly bills, unused gym memberships and the nagging sensation that we’ve forgotten an important date.

Creating wonder is about understanding the craving we still have for the mysterious. To do this, we must acknowledge and accept other people’s perceptions and be able to blow them away with our courage and uniqueness.

Creating wonder is about embracing surprise, mystery, novelty and playfulness. To really tap into wonder, we must have the mindset of a young child; unafraid to explore new places, ready to say and do things they believe in the most and happy to stumble, fall and get up to try again.

This attitude of freedom and creativity builds the Art in to Psychological Artistry.

Engaging People

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Engaging People is about understanding what yourself and others are thinking and feeling, and using this to create deep, profound and shared connections.

It’s about getting to know yourself and your drives. What is the problem you want to solve? What difference do you want to make? How are you going to do it? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? What legacy do you want to leave?

By thinking about these problems, and answering honestly, you’ll hit a deep nerve in the human psyche and begin to embrace what makes you special. To know others better, you must first know yourself better.

Bridging this gap between understanding yourself and understanding others in a unique way is what sells your Internal Human Brand. This in turn leads to greater communication and an appreciation of what others want, need and desire.

The answers to these questions gives you the Psychology in Psychological Artistry.

Applying The Maya Principle

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By combining these two ideas, we make use of the MAYA principle. Our Most Advanced is about creating wonder and tapping into the imaginative, curious and beautiful worlds of childhood. Our Yet Acceptable is making sure what we say is authentic and that our audience comes on the journey with us.

This principle can be applied into all varieties of delivery. It informs us about the balance point between what is familiar and what is novel, what is wonderful and what engages people. Getting this balance right makes the difference between people engaging with you or people taking evasive action and ignoring you.

You can learn more about these imperative points on the Psychological Artistry Day. The next one is being held 4th July 2017, so book your place now before you miss your opportunity! Go to to book your place on this live event!

Concluding Thoughts

In summary, there are three areas we focus our efforts on:

  • Creating Wonder - Tapping into mystery, art and creativtiy
  • Engaging People - Understanding yourself more in order to connect to others
  • The MAYA Principle - Defining and embracing the Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable approach

In this feature, you have learned about the power of tapping into a childlike wonder and gaining a deeper understanding of yourself to create a connection with others. We've explored the balance between being innovative (Most Advanced) but not going too far (Yet Acceptable).

If you’ve found this useful, please share it with as many people as possible. I really appreciate the time you’ve spent to read through to this point, thank you. If you want to learn more and book your place on the Psychological Artistry day, please go to go to Psychological Artistry

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P.P.S. Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen – J.W. von Goethe

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Alexander is a creative thinker, website designer, trained performer, experienced actor and magician, writer and stage director who produces online experiences, high design and adapts the materials used in training courses to deliver the best online experience. His history of stage acting and 10 years working behind the scenes delivers the highest quality performance and the best, cutting edge online technology available.

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