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Mindsways Projects & Consultancy

The Mindsways Approach is looking at how the mind works, i.e. the Minds Ways, and also influencing and influencers, i.e. how the Mind Sways. This means that our subject matter is us, our I's, egos, minds, mind sets, motivations, emotions, psyches and even our souls.

We can all do better, be better and feel better. Our results from these are;

Building better performances
Building enhanced communication
Building greater creativity & innovation
Empowerment Through Mentalism

Mentalism or magic is not the art of deception; it is the art of creativity. It's creating the impossible, creating wonder and stimulating imaginations. These all strengthen your effectiveness in your business and personal life, leading you to feel happier and more content with your world.

“The difficulty lies not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones” – John Maynard Keynes

We use mentalism and mind magic ideas as a tool for creating more impactful communication, enhancing presentations, explaining and demonstrating our thinking styles. We specialize in Mentalism because we love working with people in expressing their deep, particular and personal ways of seeing the world.

It's also great fun and enjoyable and absolutely ideal for team building and getting to know people.

For many, engaging with mentalism and mind magic is completely new. This means you get to create and share smart, new ideas that matter. We work with you to weave imaginative frames around your plots, your narratives, your stories. For millennia, people have loved to be swept away into the narrative space of a mystery. By you doing this, you will create attention for and connection with yourself and many others.

Audacity of Greatness

We give people the audacity to be great by looking at how people think. Our most popular courses all focus on how we;

  • Perceive
  • Pay attention
  • Feel
  • Learn
  • Remember
  • Make decisions
  • Use our imagination
  • Behave and act

Psychological ARCHery

We generate momentum by exploring how important your values and purposes are, how you view time, how your vision, impact and legacy line up and which VUCA model you prioritise, all through ARCHery.

The Ancients used deep and intuitive wisdom to describe the world; the four Elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. The ARCH is made up of a similar set of four foundational elements; Adaption, Reasoning, Culture and Habits.


The first element we look at is how Adaptive we actually are, using the evidence from neuroscience and brain plasticity. The Adaptive elements determine how we think, behave and act. We can change if we can;

Spot patterns
Detect our thinking
Study deliberate practice

ARCH involves Reasoning. We Reason in two ways; in thinking rationally and in thinking emotionally. This has been made popular most by Kahneman and Tversky's Thinking Fast and Slow, their Systems 1 and Systems 2 thinking model.


The next ARCH is Culture. The Culture we are speaking about here are our environments, what we expose ourselves to;

Social Capital

The final ARCH is Habits. We now know that most of what drives our behaviours sits hidden in our unconscious, like the unseen silent force of gravity, our habits exert definite forces on our behaviours.

Tapping these reserves can massively assist you. Your brain is more than you think. Our unconscious is more powerful than our conscious mind. Our challenge is not to stop it, but to harness it for our advantage.

Your Emergent Knowledge Network

A key to consistent development and improvement is being able to utilise Emergent Knowledge. This means that by scouring areas of development (scientific journals, your hobbies and interest, business meetings etc.), you can find the many strands of knowledge and learning that make up a spider's web of success.

For us, and in our consultancy, the domains we pull from are;



Temporal Neuroscience

Social Neuroscience

Stage Performance


Complexity Theory

High Design

Story and Film Theory



Behavioral Economics

Organisational Development

Entrepreneurial Insight

We will look at giving you a brand new and bespoke set of tools that will help you in developing your own Emergent Knowledge network, dedicated to the areas in which you are most interested and invested.

Your Opportunity

All of our talks use the science of your brain to improve your mindsets. They are all delivered with humour, clarity and delight and engaging with daring ideas. Our aim s to make complex neuroscience insights and behavioural science concepts easy to understand and explain their relevance to your life.

Each talk is demonstrated and illustrated using illusions, magic and mindsets, suitable for 6 people up to 100+ attendees and can be tailored to fit from 20 minutes up to 2 hours.

We'd love to be working with you on these. How do you think we could make this possible? We're open to all ideas! If you want to discuss these or any other sessions, talks or projects available, fill in the form below. You can also call and leave on message on 07970 480 615 or we can set up a discussion over Skype. Thank you so much for your time and attention, I look forward to hearing from you soon.