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We are called Mindsways because we are dedicated to highlighting the Minds Ways and how the Mind Sways. For projects, we do this by either working in organisations, with teams or on a one to one basis with individuals.

We work with the Ways of the Mind; understanding how we behave, act and think through Psychology, Organisational Psychology, Neuroscience and Art. This gives us a broad understanding of what drives our choices and behaviours. We work with how to Sway the Mind; how Behavioural Insights, Neuromarketing, Neurodesign and the Magician’s Mindset can all influence, nudge and persuade either staff or your customers. We have an evolving toolbox of applied behavioural insight and psychological tactics to influence thinking practices.

This is all delivered in fun, entertaining and enlightening ways with practical applications, Psychological Artistry and personalized artforming creating profound effects. Our aim is to deliver on projects by combining strategic, tactical psychological-based approaches through subtlety, surprise and innovation. We aim to:

Sweep away the myths and examine perceptual mechanics
Change the structure of the space of possibilities
Tap into what makes deep & meaningful human experiences

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Mindsways is based on the idea that we see what we want to see. By leveraging this and other Behavioural Insights, you can learn how your customers behave, act and think.

We will teach you systems and goals to help you develop your own approaches and appreciate how powerful your own perceptions can be. This in turn allows you to influence and positively affect your customer’s behaviours, actions and thinking, leading to a boost in your brand reputation, business opportunities, and potential for sales and profit.

Our training is dedicated to helping you to understand how your customers behave, act, and think. We believe in the power of small shifts, big movements. We deliver training and consultancy which unite learning and applying knowledge in the form of skill sets and abilities.

Generally speaking, each new skill set doubles your chance of success. The skill sets we focus on are:

  • Cognitive Fitness
  • Perceptual Acuity
  • Hidden Depths
  • Human Branding
  • Smart Deliberate Practice
  • Show, Not Tell
  • Art Forming
  • Storytelling
  • Evolving Solutions
  • Attention Selling
  • Mystification

We focus on combining the ideas from Behavioural Insights, Understanding Perceptions, Psychological Artistry, Show Not Tell Philosophy and Doing the Doable. You can use these in applying and developing systems and goals which boost your productivity, increase your internal and external brand’s reputation and lead to a strong legacy.

Our version of art forming pulls ideas and techniques from theatre, magic and illusions, combining them with findings from psychology and science to make them engaging, entertaining, and enlightening. We will teach you how to stand out, how to make a difference, how to tap into the power of mystery and magic and how to get your message across.

Mindsways Projects & Consultancy

The Mindsways Approach is looking at how the mind works, i.e. the Minds Ways, and also influencing and influencers, i.e. how the Mind Sways. This means that our subject matter is us, our I’s, egos, minds, mind sets, motivations, emotions, psyches and even our souls.

We can all do better, be better and feel better. Our results from these are;

Building better performances
Building enhanced communication
Building greater creativity & innovation
Empowerment Through Mentalism

Mentalism or magic is not the art of deception; it is the art of creativity. It’s creating the impossible, creating wonder and stimulating imaginations. These all strengthen your effectiveness in your business and personal life, leading you to feel happier and more content with your world.

“The difficulty lies not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones” – John Maynard Keynes

We use mentalism and mind magic ideas as a tool for creating more impactful communication, enhancing presentations, explaining and demonstrating our thinking styles. We specialize in Mentalism because we love working with people in expressing their deep, particular and personal ways of seeing the world.

It’s also great fun and enjoyable and absolutely ideal for team building and getting to know people.

For many, engaging with mentalism and mind magic is completely new. This means you get to create and share smart, new ideas that matter. We work with you to weave imaginative frames around your plots, your narratives, your stories. For millennia, people have loved to be swept away into the narrative space of a mystery. By you doing this, you will create attention for and connection with yourself and many others.

Audacity of Greatness

We give people the audacity to be great by looking at how people think. Our most popular courses all focus on how we;

  • Perceive
  • Pay attention
  • Feel
  • Learn
  • Remember
  • Make decisions
  • Use our imagination
  • Behave and act

Psychological ARCHery

We generate momentum by exploring how important your values and purposes are, how you view time, how your vision, impact and legacy line up and which VUCA model you prioritise, all through ARCH.

The Ancients used deep and intuitive wisdom to describe the world; the four Elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. The ARCH is made up of a similar set of four foundational elements; Adaption, Reasoning, Culture and Habits.


The first element we look at is how Adaptive we actually are, using the evidence from neuroscience and brain plasticity. The Adaptive elements determine how we think, behave and act. We can change if we can;

Spot patterns
Detect our thinking
Study deliberate practice

ARCH involves Reasoning. We Reason in two ways; in thinking rationally and in thinking emotionally. This has been made popular most by Kahneman and Tversky’s Thinking Fast and Slow, their Systems 1 and Systems 2 thinking model.


The next ARCH is Culture. The Culture we are speaking about here are our environments, what we expose ourselves to;

Social Capital
“It's biology, not opinion"

The final ARCH is Habits. We now know that most of what drives our behaviours sits hidden in our unconscious, like the unseen silent force of gravity, our habits exert definite forces on our behaviours.

Tapping these reserves can massively assist you. Your brain is more than you think. Our unconscious is more powerful than our conscious mind. Our challenge is not to stop it, but to harness it for our advantage.

Perceptions and the Compound Effect

The Compound Effect is the small changes made consistently over time which make big differences. An increase of just 1% each day helps you in constantly achieving a slight edge. Perception provides us with unique and useful insights into how other people arrange their worlds.

Cobining these two principles helps you in;

Getting your message across effectively and efficiently
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Getting your message across effectively and efficiently

You already have a message and a story that is truly unique and meaningful to you, yet the challenge that face many of us as businesses and individuals is finding ways to share this with people who matter to us, whether that’s potential clients or long-term friends. Using the tools we give you, you’ll learn to tell your tale in a memorable and effective fashion.

Connecting to people on a deep and meaningful level
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Connecting to people on a deep and meaningful level

The world is so full of negativity and pessimism, especially when there are constant newsfeeds available to us with stories of economic disruption, social upheaval, and depression. It’s important that we become the beacons of positivity and connect to people with our heads held up high. Our consultancy really looks into how you can bring the light into people’s lives and leave a lasting impression.

Tapping into sticky and memorable metaphors, storytelling and drama
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Tapping into sticky and memorable metaphors, storytelling and drama

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we thoroughly believe a good metaphor is worth a thousand pictures. People might pay attention to your sales pitch for a while but be left wondering who you are as they walk away, yet they won’t forget the underdog that rose against constant adversity to speak with them that day. This is the power of story, metaphor and drama that we’ll explore through our work together.

Building your personal brand and reputation
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Building your personal brand and reputation

Maya Angelou said “People may forget what you say, but they will never forget how you make them feel.” A brand is all about how you make people feel; loyal, excited, intrigued, in love, worried, impressed, grateful, and any other combinations of deep emotions. Your personal brand and reputation is built on these, and we examine how you can build and leverage these.

Appealing to a mass audience
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Appealing to a mass audience

Everyone has an audience for their service, their product, or their offering, but most people tend to focus on a small section or a subset of the people they can really appeal to. As part of seeing new perspectives and providing the audacity for greatness that you may need, we ask questions that open your mind to whole new and massive market segments.

Leaving a positive and long-lasting legacy
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Leaving a positive and long-lasting legacy

Our personal mission here at Mindsways is to establish as many legacies as possible. This means that we work with you to really think about what matters, to consider what you’re going to be leaving behind, to set up a succession and to really make a difference with what you do. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for us both to reach our goals and make the world a better place.

Your Emergent Knowledge Network

A key to consistent development and improvement is being able to utilise Emergent Knowledge. This means that by scouring areas of development (scientific journals, your hobbies and interest, business meetings etc.), you can find the many strands of knowledge and learning that make up a spider’s web of success.

For us, and in our consultancy, the domains we pull from are;



Temporal Neuroscience

Social Neuroscience

Stage Performance


Complexity Theory

High Design

Story and Film Theory



Behavioral Economics

Organisational Development

Entrepreneurial Insight

We will look at giving you a brand new and bespoke set of tools that will help you in developing your own Emergent Knowledge network, dedicated to the areas in which you are most interested and invested.

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