The VUCA Playground

The VUCA playground session is about how to navigate;

  • The challenges that living in an environment that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous brings, asking ‘is this really the age of rage?'
  • The benefits of understanding the antidote and living with Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility, asking ‘is this really the age of opportunity?'
  • The dangers of VUCA negative and the benefits of VUCA positive, asking ‘what are your choices?'
  • The move from an age of enlightenment to an age of entanglement, asking ‘where do you find yourself?'

VUCA Negative – Obstacle to Productivity

VUCA – External Constraints

VUCA Positive – Boosting Psychological Assets

VUCA Prime – Supporting Your Objectives

The New Ways of Understanding

VUCA in all its iterations speaks to every area of our lives, so understanding its impact personally and in the workplace is vital. It is about our feelings, our wellbeing and our sense of fulfillment. The ideas within VUCA provide us with a very far reaching and powerful toolkit that can aid us in being our own personal best every day.

The aim of the day is to allow you to both harvest these ideas and then harness them for your own use.

Boost your personal impact
Maximize your resilience
Mental & emotional agility
Build your options
Expand your horizons
Power of evolving solutions
Path dependency
Rift between thought & systems
Spectrum of perceptions
Reinforce your intentions
Awareness of emergent behaviours
Understanding change & complexity
Give you direction
Relevance of WHY power
Judge your VUCA outlook
Importance of collaboration & commitment
Insights into complex situations
Need for creativity & innovation

The evidence unveiled and packed into this day will make a real difference to how you think, act and behave. Going through the ideas will enhance your critical thinking, add to your capacity for insight and increase your appreciation of others perspectives.


Our mantra at Mindsways is to give people the tools they need to make a dent in the universe. This phrase was taken from Steve Jobs when he referred to his own mission in life. We believe that teaching you Mind Magic, Psychological Artistry and the VUCA models during the Mindsways Sessions will help you to develop and live up to:

Vision is not just what you see, it is what you see for you in your future. It is what you see for you, your family, your friends, your staff and your business. It is the lifestyle that you wish to lead and the freedom which you have available to you.

Learning Mind Magic contributes to your vision by giving you the tools to see from new perspectives. It lets you imagine new futures and provides the confidence to go out and seek it for yourself.

Impact is about your experience in the world and how you remain present. Being present means enjoying what you do and finding a meaning and value in every interaction. Impact is the direct result of your day-to-day actions.

Attending the Mindsways Session will open your mind to new possibilities and potential for effective communication, goal setting and team building. These skills help evaluate and improve your impact.

Legacy is what difference you've made to the world. It is made of what you do today and tomorrow that your children, your grandchildren and your grandchildren's children will remember.

Mind Magic and Psychological Artistry aren't going to contribute directly to the legacy you leave behind, but the lessons you'll learn from engaging with something new will hold you in good stead for building one later in life.

This day is for you if:

You are open to
innovative methods
You want to increase your effectiveness
You want to get your message across
You are ready
for novelty
You want to build
your ingenuity
You are interested in current thinking
You want insights into yourself
You are interested in evolving solutions
You are interested in connecting with people
You want to add
You want to appreciate the empathy economy
You want to make a difference to people

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