• VUCA Playground - One Day Session
    A brand new, exclusive session designed around how you engage with the modern world

Your Place in the VUCA World

The aim for the VUCA Playground one day session is to understand what the VUCA world means for you and your place in it.

You will do this by boosting your personal effectiveness, building on a strong foundation of cutting edge ideas, challenging underlying assumptions, and inspiring the unconventional.

By the end of the session, you will get a firm grasp and understanding of VUCA and its implications on the world you live in, or your VUCA Playground. The evidence unveiled and packed into this day will make a real difference to how you think, act and behave.

The one day session is delivered through using Psychological Artistry, our own unique way of exploring these ideas.

The Mindsways VUCA Frameworks

The VUCA Frameworks are a comprehensive set of models and ideas that cover a wide range of thinking skills, mindsets and approaches to business.

It is particularly relevant today due to the high level of uncertainty (politically, economically, and emotionally) that we're experiencing all around us.You can use the VUCA models to navigate how we deal with all the issues facing us in the 21st Century.

In the content of the session, we pull on a blend of ideas from Neuroscience, Complexity Theory, Behavioural Economics and Leadership Thinking.

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Although widely researched and understood, these ideas are still elitist and rarely articulated in everyday practices. We have developed the VUCA Negative and VUCA Positive approaches as practical methods to fully understand the implications of VUCA and VUCA Prime.

The VUCA Framework encompasses four models. Click on each of the titles below to learn more about each specific model.


The first VUCA consisted of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. These are the four forces which contribute to the most negativity and distress in the 21st Century.

We live in a world which is constantly shifting; a world where our politics, economics, spirituality, and identity politics are on the verge of disappearing or changing forever. This is the first of the VUCA forces, Volatility, that can make us feel on edge and stressed.

As our foundations are shaken, we feel Uncertain about who we are and our future. We face the Complexity of modern day life, where we face the overwhelming march of technology, the strange magic of the Internet and the Ambiguity of information.

VUCA Prime

The second VUCA is what is called VUCA Prime, and was generated as a counterbalance to VUCA. It is made up of Vision/Intent, Understanding, Clarity and Agility. They are the four counter-forces which help us to be happier and more fulfilled.

There are three stages to developing your own future; See It As It Is, See It Better Than It Is, Make It So. These three stages reflect the fundamental truth of Vision and Intent, setting you up for long-term success. Vision and Intent are the first and most major positive forces in our world.

When we have established our Vision and Intent, we gain Understanding of ourselves and others and which behaviours we must undertake. From this comes Clarity, a clear and detailed view of the world, and to act on these ideas, we must develop our Agility.

VUCA Negative

We have developed the third VUCA as our own VUCA Negative. This has come from our own research and observations over the past 5 years. It is made of Vulnerable, Uncomfortable, Confused and Afraid. These are the four negative feelings and states of being which lead to negativity.

When we have low energy, low self-esteem and a short threshold of planning and forward thinking, we find ourselves easily affected and swamped by our stresses and anxiety. Vulnerability is the most damaging and dangerous force because it opens us up to long-term negativity.

When feeling vulnerable, we find ourselves out of sorts with the world and our behaviour, leading us to feel Uncomfortable. As we continue feeling out of place, we'll become Confused about where we're going and Afraid that we may never find our way out of this negative place.

VUCA Positive

We have developed the fourth VUCA as our own VUCA Positive. This has come from our own research and observations over the past 5 years. It is made of Vibrancy, Uniqueness, Confidence, and Adept. Put together, these four energies boost your confidence, creativity, and core values.

When we fight against the negative forces, we must have a large and accessible well of energy and passion. Vibrancy is this combination, giving you the capability to follow through on your Vision/Intent and Understanding.

To tap into your Vibrancy, you must be able to define your Uniqueness. What are your unique skills and passion that you wish to follow? Why do you do what you do? Knowing this will help your Confidence, and combining all three of the positive energies will make you Adept.


The VUCA Negative and VUCA Positive are opposing forces which are filtered through how we deal with VUCA and VUCA Prime. We can find ourselves being pulled towards either VUCA Negative, with its more destructive impacts, or the we can push ourselves into the VUCA Positive, with its more productive impacts.

This is why our mindset is so important. The way we respond to the forces which VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) has on us dictates our personal effectiveness and affects our thinking skills and decision making. This in turn has a huge impact on how we feel, act and behave.

When we are pulled in by the negativity of VUCA Negative, we feel threatened at a deep and disturbing level. Too much time spent in the VUCA Negative, i.e. the threat condition, stimulates the stress responses. Which has consequences for us psychologically and physiologically.

Time spent in the VUCA Positive contributes to our overall feeling of achievement and well-being.

Our productivity is a result of our physical output (products, delivery, ideas etc.) and our psychological mindset. If the psychological mindset is negative or out of balance, this directly effects our productivity. This is why understanding these forces is really important for you and for those you work with.

Neuroleadership and VUCA Frameworks

VUCA is an exciting framework that highlights and aids us in explaining what we are witnessing day by day in our lives. It provides insights into how some people are feeling stressed, burnout and overwhelmed, whilst others are feeling invigorated and challenged.

VUCA shows us that there is a need for us to explore;

Co – evaluation
Dynamic flow
New values
Unintended consequences
Multiple perspectives
Emergence of the unexpected
Collapse and Adaptability
Neuroleadership and VUCA

The findings from Neuroleadership (the study of neuroscience and leadership) show us that you can increase your brain's capacity and enhance your performance through the power of neuroplasticity. This means you can choose what you develop. You can achieve this through enhancing individual brain strength, cultivating healthy relationships and developing high quality collective thinking. Understanding the VUCA frameworks brings all of these into a sharp focus.

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We're constantly scanning a wide range of the latest academic thinking and applying them to what we teach you in the clearest possible way. We take care to focus on findings which are widely accepted, because there is so much power that you can gain from a few scientific tweaks. After all, small changes every day can lead to big differences over time. Put together, this produces a blend of scientific evidence, practical techniques and real-world experiences.

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Our delivery on this day pulls from Emergent Knowledge. Utilising this is a key to your consistent development and personal effectiveness.

The domains we pull from are;



Temporal Neuroscience

Social Neuroscience

Stage Performance


Complexity Theory

High Design

Story and Film Theory



Behavioural Economics

Organisational Development

Entrepreneurial Insight

The VUCA Playground

The VUCA playground session is about how to navigate;

  • The challenges that living in an environment that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous brings, asking ‘is this really the age of rage?'
  • The benefits of understanding the antidote and living with Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility, asking ‘is this really the age of opportunity?'
  • The dangers of VUCA negative and the benefits of VUCA positive, asking ‘what are your choices?'
  • The move from an age of enlightenment to an age of entanglement, asking ‘where do you find yourself?'

VUCA Negative – Obstacle to Productivity

VUCA – External Constraints

VUCA Positive – Boosting Psychological Assets

VUCA Prime – Supporting Your Objectives

The New Ways of Understanding

VUCA in all its iterations speaks to every area of our lives, so understanding its impact personally and in the workplace is vital. It is about our feelings, our wellbeing and our sense of fulfillment. The ideas within VUCA provide us with a very far reaching and powerful toolkit that can aid us in being our own personal best every day.

The aim of the day is to allow you to both harvest these ideas and then harness them for your own use.

Boost your personal impact
Maximize your resilience
Mental & emotional agility
Build your options
Expand your horizons
Power of evolving solutions
Path dependency
Rift between thought & systems
Spectrum of perceptions
Reinforce your intentions
Awareness of emergent behaviours
Understanding change & complexity
Give you direction
Relevance of WHY power
Judge your VUCA outlook
Importance of collaboration & commitment
Insights into complex situations
Need for creativity & innovation

The evidence unveiled and packed into this day will make a real difference to how you think, act and behave. Going through the ideas will enhance your critical thinking, add to your capacity for insight and increase your appreciation of others perspectives.


Our mantra at Mindsways is to give people the tools they need to make a dent in the universe. This phrase was taken from Steve Jobs when he referred to his own mission in life. We believe that teaching you Mind Magic, Psychological Artistry and the VUCA models during the Mindsways Sessions will help you to develop and live up to:

Vision is not just what you see, it is what you see for you in your future. It is what you see for you, your family, your friends, your staff and your business. It is the lifestyle that you wish to lead and the freedom which you have available to you.

Learning Mind Magic contributes to your vision by giving you the tools to see from new perspectives. It lets you imagine new futures and provides the confidence to go out and seek it for yourself.

Impact is about your experience in the world and how you remain present. Being present means enjoying what you do and finding a meaning and value in every interaction. Impact is the direct result of your day-to-day actions.

Attending the Mindsways Session will open your mind to new possibilities and potential for effective communication, goal setting and team building. These skills help evaluate and improve your impact.

Legacy is what difference you've made to the world. It is made of what you do today and tomorrow that your children, your grandchildren and your grandchildren's children will remember.

Mind Magic and Psychological Artistry aren't going to contribute directly to the legacy you leave behind, but the lessons you'll learn from engaging with something new will hold you in good stead for building one later in life.

This day is for you if:

You are open to
innovative methods
You want to increase your effectiveness
You want to get your message across
You are ready
for novelty
You want to build
your ingenuity
You are interested in current thinking
You want insights into yourself
You are interested in evolving solutions
You are interested in connecting with people
You want to add
You want to appreciate the empathy economy
You want to make a difference to people

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